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James Bailey-Woodward


T: 0333 577 2999 M: 07904 630 795

Defending prosecutions of:
1. Large-scale Drugs Offences
2. Sexual Offences
3. Violent Offences

Solicitor (qualified 2011).

Three words you’d use to describe yourself:
Diligent, thorough and dependable.

Three words your colleagues would use to describe you:
Reliable, loyal and fiery.

Best moment/career highlight:
Any time I get that winning feeling!

It has to be JSP Law because:
They believe in the quality of their employees and allow us to express ourselves and manage our own cases whilst always providing experienced and effective advice when called upon.

You love your work but could be persuaded to:
Write a best-seller

You may be surprised to know that:
I still captain a Sunday league football team at 38, though I’m sure my teammates are just as surprised about that.

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