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Joanna Ripley

Accredited Police Station Representative

T: 0333 577 2999 M: 07811 359 739

Major Crown Court litigation including serious fraud & white collar crimes, murder & GBH, drugs cases, sexual offences.

Accredited police station representative.

.Three words you’d use to describe yourself:
Hard working, reliable, approachable.

Three words your colleagues would use to describe you:
Organised, dedicated, dependable.

Best moment/career highlight:
Becoming an accredited police station representative which meant that I could support a client all the way through their case.

It has to be JSP Law because:
Each client is advised and represented on an individual basis.

You love your work but could be persuaded to:
Be an 18 wheeler truck driver crossing America.

You may be surprised to know that:
I am a PADI qualified rescue diver.

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