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Fraud covers a wide variety of offences including mortgage fraud, VAT fraud, credit card fraud, share dealing and false accounting. This means that property investors and professionals such as surveyors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountants and solicitors can be targeted in criminal proceedings. Many of these individuals will never have been charged with a criminal offence before and it is vital to preserve their good name as well as helping them through what will be a highly complicated process often involving a number of different defendants as well as thousands of documents.

Why chose JSP Law?
We have a specialist team which has experience of dealing with cases across the country from London and the South East to the north including Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Manchester

We work across offices in Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire. We are also able to represent you if you live elsewhere as we can see you not only in our offices but at home or in prison if necessary.

Our experience
Our Directors and senior solicitors have dealt with a number of lengthy trails dealing with serious allegations of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. These cases require specialist knowledge and a forensic analysis of the prosecution evidence.

Director Matt Bliss has dealt with numerous VHCC cases including one where he represented the main defendant from the Police Station the House of Lords (R v Green [2008] UKHL 30). He has experience of various carousel frauds and mortgage frauds and has represented defendants in various police anti-fraud operations including Operation Villalot.

The depth of experience is further enhanced by Director Vinesh Patel who also has had a portfolio of fraud cases including Operations Tarlac (an NHS fraud) and Truant (a VAT fraud) where the case did not proceed because of lack of evidence.

Solicitor Lindsay McKinnie successfully made a no case to answer submission in a charity fraud case (R v S).

We can advise you under the Legal Aid scheme but if public funding is not available we will quote you a competitive price for our work.

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