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Road & Motoring Offences

Motoring offences are where many people come into contact with the police and the criminal justice system. You may face charges such as driving without due care & attention, dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified or driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The police are also pursuing more drivers for using their phone whilst in charge of a vehicle as a result of recent high profile cases where failure to pay attention to the road led to other road users being killed. Such cases result in charges of causing death by dangerous driving.

Why chose JSP Law?
Cars are a vital tool of modern life and losing your licence will impact not only on home life but could result in you losing your job. Serious cases can result in prison sentences therefore early, specialist representation is very important as road traffic cases can be highly technical and complicated.

We work across offices in Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire. We are also able to represent you if you live elsewhere as we can see you not only in our offices but at home or in prison if necessary.

Our experience
Finbarr Cuneen has a comprehensive knowledge of road traffic law and available defences. Other solicitors within the firm also deal with road traffic offences on a regularly basis.

We can advise you under the Legal Aid scheme but if public funding is not available we will quote you a competitive price for our work.

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