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Murder is the most serious criminal offence and carries an automatic life sentence, although the judge will usually set a minimum tariff. In the most exceptional cases, a convicted murderer may be given a whole life tariff, meaning they will never be released from prison.

Manslaughter is a less serious offence. Sentences for manslaughter vary depending on the nature of the offence but can carry a maximum life sentence. The judge has discretion over the sentence imposed. It is not uncommon for a murder charge to be brought in the first instance, with the judge then giving the jury the option of deciding whether the defendant is guilty of murder or manslaughter.

Why chose JSP Law
If you are facing murder or manslaughter charges then you should seek expert legal advice immediately before disclosing any information to the police or entering a plea. At JSP our team have enviable levels of experience and a professional reputation for providing the best advice and representation for clients facing the most serious of charges.

Our experience
We have dealt with a number of high profile cases involving significant press attention which requires not only sound judgement when advising but also a clear focus on ensuring that defendants are not prejudiced by what appears in the media.

We were instructed in the case of R v B (1 punch manslaughter) which featured in the television programme 24 hours in police custody.

Andel Singh (High Court Advocate) instructed by Joanna Ripley (Crown Court Litigator) dealt with a 13 day trial at Cambridge Crown Court in April 2016 involving a defendant who was charged with murdering a young man on London Road, St Albans the previous October.

Solicitor Josie Cuffaro successfully argued for a suspended sentence for a woman accused of a serious domestic stabbing. Initially, it looked as though she might face 4 years in prison but after lengthy negotiations with the Crown Prosecution Service, a plea to a section 20 assault was accepted (R v C).

Josie was also able to negotiate a suspended sentence for a female client who was accused of stabbing her ex boyfriends new partner who was pregnant. The Defendant was charged with ABH, possession of a bladed article, affray and common assault. After negotiations with the CPS, a plea to ABH was accepted and the defendant received a 20 week suspended sentence for 12 months (R v V).

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