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Murder is the unlawful killing by a person of sound mind with the intention of either killing or causing grievous bodily harm. It is also possible to be accused of murder under the joint enterprise doctrine if the prosecution allege that you were part of a group involved in the murder, even if you did not inflict any injuries yourself on the deceased.

Murder is the most serious criminal offence and carries an mandatory life sentence, although the judge will usually set a minimum tariff. In the most exceptional cases, a convicted murderer may be given a whole life tariff, meaning they will never be released from prison.

The consequences of being found guilty are life changing, not only for the accused but also for their families. Anyone facing a murder charge needs immediate, specialist advice and our expert criminal defence lawyers can provide this and guide you through the whole process.

Murder trials are often complex and evidentially voluminous.  When investigating a murder the Police generally pursue every possible line of enquiry and that results in there being a significant amount of evidence and unused material to consider.  Forensic and telephone evidence have become normal features in murder trials

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Murder Defence Solicitors St Albans, Leighton Buzzard & Stevenage

If you are facing a murder charge, you should seek expert legal advice immediately before disclosing any information to the police or entering a plea. At JSP, our team have enviable levels of experience and a professional reputation for providing the best advice and representation for clients facing the most serious of charges.

We have dealt with a number of high-profile cases involving significant press attention which requires not only sound judgement when advising but also a clear focus on ensuring that defendants are not prejudiced by what appears in the media.

Contact our expert Murder Defence Solicitors in St Albans, Leighton Buzzard & Stevenage for further assistance.

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